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A Program to Create a Sustainable Future for Russia through
Support of Green and Sustainable Technologies and Businesses

  • Focus on representation of businesses that provide and deliver sustainable and green technologies, products and services to and within Russia.
  • Provide a haven for foreign direct investment by “green” businesses and arrange partnerships with selected businesses in the region.
  • Oversee and manage Russia-based projects on behalf of foreign clients that have interests in the country.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with a worldwide resource of sustainable and green industry partners.
  • Implement creative financing strategies for its clients.

Garden Village

  • An Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Community for Moscow Region:
  • Dedicated to development of modern, sustainable technologies in Russia.
  • Built upon principles of development of the creative intelligence of community members.
  • Based upon success of the model in other countries.
  • Supported by internationally successful businesses, institutions, artists and scientists.
  • Provide a haven for foreign direct investment and creation of a 21st century work environment.

Community Features

  • Dedicated to development of modern, sustainable technologies in Russia.
  • Lively entrepreneurial economy.
  • Wholesome living environment, based upon a soft and ecological footprint of the community with its surroundings.
  • Development of businesses that are at the forefront of the creation of sustainable and clean technologies and products.
  • Support for natural and organic agriculture and food production.
  • Consciousness based education starting at pre-school.
  • Advanced higher education in disciplines of science and arts with a multicultural staff using state-of-the-art communication technologies.
  • Health care based upon the world’s leading preventive health care systems.
  • Architecturally designed based upon principles that foster support of natural law, which provides nourishing influences in the home, work place, school and the entire community.